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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How to call “Insert Object” dialog from VBA

If you have data stored in OLE field, like pictures or documents, then perhaps you need a code to run “Insert Object” dialog. Here it is – you first set a focus to OLE field and then run
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdInsertObject

 Although – better idea is to store pictures and documents as files on HDD or server, and save path to these files in database. Or store files as binaries, like described in “How To Read and Write BLOBs Using GetChunk and AppendChunk” KB article.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have try it and it works better with path. The problem is that when you loading path image in a continews form then it change all images to the first one.and another problem is on reports when you are in details section and you have 5 images and then you want a second row with 3 images you will find out that the image 4-5 show ups again.
Michael Papadopoulos (Cyprus)

Hoping for a solution Mr. Alex

2:25 AM  

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