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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My first article at Microsoft Access Advisor

Finally my article “Change Report Grouping and Sorting Dynamically in Microsoft Access”, written together with Doug Steele, (Access MVP and frequent writer) was announced at Microsoft Access Advisor magazine! Article is based on my Report Grouping Sample, so if you are not a subscriber of Microsoft Access Advisor – you can download sample from our site.

Yes, it takes quite a time to have this article published. First I wrote it for Microsoft Office Online site (it was summer 2005), they liked the concept, but did not like my writing style. Then I asked Doug to make it more “English”, and after few revisions it almost met all requirements. But then suddenly everybody at Microsoft Office Online become busy with Office 2007 content, and postponed our article.

Fortunately Doug offered it to Microsoft Access Advisor, and they have accepted it. We made few corrections and today we got an alert that it is been printed!

Looking forward to get a printed copy! And thinking about next one...


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