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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Language support in VBA

Today I got this message from blog reader:

So I'm working on some app in access 2003 via vba and I need to use macedonian language with Cyrillic characters, so as you are Russian you might know something abot this...

The matter is that I can't make VBA editor to recognize Cyrillic characters...  I tried on other computers and it works but not on mine... I set VBA editor to font which support Cyrillic characters, so now  characters are shown properly in vba editor, but vba does not  recognize them i.e if I write msgbox "кирилица" msgbox dialog doesn't show them in Cyrillic or if

So, the trick was to  set proper language for non-Unicode programs in Control Panel-Regional and Language Options-Administrative-Language for non-Unicode programs. VBA still does not fully support Unicode, so you have to be aware these language settings!



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