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Saturday, September 02, 2023

How to check if TeamViewer session is active

This function can be used to determine if current user session has active TeamViewer connection. The only way I found so far is to check specific port for established connection using netstat

netstat -nb | find ":5938" | find "ESTABLISHED"

If anything found - Teamviewer is running on PC

netstat -nb | find ":6039" | find "ESTABLISHED"

If anything found - Teamviewer session is active

Using this code GetTcpTable: Local Machine TCP Connection Table you can make TeamviewerSessionIsActive() function, just replace With TcpRow block with following:

Public Function TeamviewerSessionIsActive() As Boolean

With TcpRow

    If ntohs(.dwRemotePort) = 6039 And & _ 

        .dwState = MIB_TCP_STATE_ESTAB Then

        TeamviewerSessionIsActive = True

        Exit Function

    End If

End With

End Function

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