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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

[Access] How Access loads images

Have learned following from Stephen Lebans:
  • If the file extension is in uppercase (BMP) then the Office Graphicsfilters will be used to load the image.
  • If the file extension is in lowercase (bmp) then Access does not use the Office Graphics filters.

This applies to Bitmap and Enhanced Metafiles. For Bitmaps you want Access to use the Office Graphics filters but for EMF's you do not. Notice the opposite results for the handling of Bitmap for EMFImages.

Uppercase EMF = Office Graphics filter - Poor results for EMF's containing full color bitmaps

Lowercase emf = bypass Office Graphics filters - Normal results

Uppercase BMP = Office Graphics filter - Normal results

Lowercase bmp = bypass Office Graphics filters - Poor results for BMP's containing full color bitmaps

It does not matter the letter case of the Image's file extensionon your hard drive. Access looks at the filename you enter via the GUI or programmatically for the Picture property of the Image control.


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