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Name:Alex Dybenko

Location:Moscow, Russia

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Unable to make MDE file?

At me this sometimes whappens when I use ActiveX control on Access form, which version was changed since it was inserted. In this case only recreating form helps. I do the following steps:
- make a backup
- remove forms one-by-one, keep trying to make mde in order to find which form cause this problem
- once "bad" form is found - I recreate this form, first inserting ActiveX control, then copy/paste other controls and code.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Alex,

Thank you for your active participation in my learning of Access and its VBA. I develop a database for a month now and I am close to finalise it.

After splitted it, a problem appears while I was making a MDE of the front end.

Then I tried to apply your tips but the problem was still here.
So from a backup file, I just compile the VBA and solve all the issues revealed. Once done, Access made my MDE directly.
Just a complement for people who try to solve this with your post aside.

Thank you again Alex All the best

8:48 AM  

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