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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Localized Access version problem

I always tell my colleagues – use only English Access (and other Microsoft tools) version to develop applications, but sometimes this occur...
I asked my colleague to make a small prototype – one form with Janus GridEx. It works great at me, and I have sent to my client together with instructions how to register new ActiveX control. He reported that nothing works and he got a lot of error messages like “UnboundReadData generate an error when communicating with the OLE-server or the Active X-control”. First I thought that control is not registered, or some other components missing – still does not work. Ok, I have installed a Virtual PC with same environment like client has (Windows XP and Access 2000) – and got same error! Hmm, how come? Code does not work even for a simple form inserted on a main form as a subform. Ok, I quickly recreated both forms in Access 2000 – everything start working. But why it did not? I asked my colleague about Access version he used and he told that it was Access 2003 Russian! This could be a problem! I started my Virtual PC again, Control panel-Regional and Language options-Advanced and set “Select a language to match the language version of the non-Unicode program you want to use” to Russian. After restart – it works!
I saved a form to text using hidden SaveAsText method, looked at the text and yes - detail section was named there as “область данных”! This was a reason.
So rule is simple – use only English character in object names and code – variables, functions, etc. Then it will work on any language settings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can just confirm your way of solving the problem.

I had the form in the DB, which had the combobox with AfterUpdate property set. The form's combobox was used to select a value, and after its update, the RecordSource of the form should change - it had to reapply the underlying query to find the proper data.

It worked fine on my computer, but on the computers of my colleagues, the form reported an error upon act of opening and after the act of selecting the combobox:

"The expression After Update you entered as the event property... ...was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX control"

The problem was in "Language and regional setting". After my colleagues set their setting as those on my computer, the form began to work correctly.

11:35 AM  

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