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Monday, July 11, 2005

How to split database into BE and FE

The procedure actually is quite simple. Say you have a database MyCoolDB.mdb. First you create a new database MyCoolDBData.mdb, then you open it and import all table from MyCoolDB.mdb there. Do not forget to check "Import relationships" in Import dialog. Check that all tables are there and close it. Now open your MyCoolDB.mdb, delete all tables and run menu FileGet External DataLink tables. Select all tables from MyCoolDBData.mdb and click OK. Try to run your MyCoolDB.mdb to make sure everything is working as expected. Last thing is to add a routine to relink tables at startup, you can use one from Solutions.mdb sample database or use Dav Ashish code. Now you can move BE (MyCoolDBData.mdb) to a shared drive and relink tables.
Also you can look at article Split your MDB file into data and application by Allen Browne.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Alex,

This is SO neat. I Thank You very much for your help to make what seemed difficult for me to understand actually very simple

Take care.

12:15 AM  
Blogger Alex Dybenko said...

Thank you, Phil

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Jessica L said...

Thank you for shaaring

5:22 AM  

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