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Monday, February 06, 2006

How to automatically update Access application

You have build a nice database application, installed it to number of users at the client, and now everybody happy. Client likes your application and wants to improve it, so you made a new version. How to install it at all users PC? Imagine you have 20 users on the same LAN and you made update every week!

Ok, if client has a good LAN Administrator – he can setup for example Microsoft Systems Management Server or something similar. But normally clients don’t have such smart Admin, so Access developer has to solve this. Here an overview what you can do.

Very popular solution is Auto FE Updater, built by Tony Toews, Access MVP.

FMS Inc also build a Total Access Startup. Very expensive!

If you like to have everything in Access – you can look at “Distributing an Updated Access Application to a Network” by Steve Schapel, Access MVP. Other solution in Database Journal - Automatically Deploy a New Access Client by Danny Lesandrini. And one more here.

Ok, we also made something in this area - Point VersionCheck. Besides Access files – it also works with EXE files. So basically – when we deliver our application to client – we always include VersionCheck in setup package. Actually we also have a version, which gets new version over internet, but this one we still testing.

Thanks to Joan Wild, Access MVP, for links!

Other this blog post on this topic - Alex & Access: Preparing Your Access 2003 Database for Deployment


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