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Name:Alex Dybenko

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jet is dead?

2 weeks ago I was in Cambridge, UK, on MVP Open Days. It was great! Ok, one night we had an opportunity to drink a beer with Clemens Vasters in a pub, who recently joined Microsoft and now working in WCF area. So we had a good chat (and good beer) with our Russian MVPs, who are mostly .Net developers. Then he asked me, what is my expertise – Access, oh, Access, you know – Jet is dead! ??? The further questions brought some light on this – Clemens personally thinks that Jet does not have future, the only database engine should be SQL Server. Well, I can not agree with Clemens, I think Jet is a great engine, and looks like Access product team thinks the same way, as you can see in Erik Rucker blog. Or, perhaps, the name Jet is dead, but engine will get a new life under new name?


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