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Name:Alex Dybenko

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

“User Friendly” Name Autocorrect option

Some days ago I had to send few new queries to my colleague. I created a new Access database, imported there new queries and sent it to my colleague. I do not send queries such way very often, last time it was in Access 97 time, and it worked fine there...

If a few hours he replied that application (which uses these queries) does not work, hangs, etc. How come? After some investigations – I found a following feature of Access Name Autocorrect – when you import a query into database, which does not have source table(s) – all joins between missing table(s) just get deleted without any notification! Very bad behavior! So please be careful and as soon as you create new database – switch Name Autocorrect option off. Immediately! This will save you some time later.

Other problems, caused by this “User Friendly” option you can find at Allen Browne site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got linked to this from a post...I'm assuming you wrote the add-in fix for the Name-Autocorrect. I just wanted to say thanks--that 'feature' has dogged me since it was introduced!

I've used tools like Speed-Ferret for global renaming--and speedferret is thorough, but the MS attempt at it was so spotty that it was downright dangerous.

11:49 PM  

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