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Monday, April 30, 2012

Partition function in Access

Once I found that Access has Partition function, which I never used. Function returns a Variant (String) indicating where a number occurs within a calculated series of ranges. You can use is to find lower and upper edge of partition where number falls. Few samples:

31: 35

6: 10


Now I am thinking – how can I use it? Looks like I never missed such function. Do you have real-life example using Partition function?



Blogger Warsmoke said...

Here's one possible use: Access Blog - Create partition queries

12:41 PM  
Blogger Paul Harrold said...

I used partition() to ascertain how many people fell within certain age ranges within a system. The results were something like:

Age range - count
0:20 - 25
21:64 - 32
65: - 46

I proved to be a very useful function at the time - as a result I kept looking for ways to use it in a few subsequent systems.

Paul Harrold Access developer

8:45 PM  

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