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Saturday, June 05, 2010

New Free Ribbon and Access 2010 Navigation Form Tools

from Anthony D'Ambra

1. Access2007 Ribbon Builder and Editor for Microsoft© Access 2007 BETA builds and maintains Access 2007 and Access 2010 Custom Ribbons. It is a simple yet sophisticated tool for building custom ribbonbars using XML files. The ribbon being built is displayed as the active RibbonBar. You use the treeview representation of the ribbon to navigate and build the ribbon by adding, editing, copying, pasting, and deleting controls.

2. Easily Migrate Legacy Access Switchboards to the Access 2010 Navigation Form. In Access 2010 the venerable Native Switchboard Manager has been retired. The old Switchboard form has been replaced by a cool web 2.0 style Navigation Form using a tabs paradigm of up to two levels. The Navigation Form Control and Button controls cannot be created in code, so there is a degree of hard-coding involved. I saw the opportunity to ease the design process by adapting the legacy Switchboard Items table and porting it to the new Navigation Form. I have created a demonstration Access 2010, which can be downloaded from the url below. The code can be used freely in your applications 'as is'. All the required code is behind the custom Navigation Form, which is pre-built with a generic two-level tabs control: 8 level one options and each option having 8 buttons, which are populated at run-time from the Switchboard Items table, using custom code adapted from the Access 2003 vba module behind the native Switchboard form.

3. The Access Switchboard to Ribbon Converter Wizard in just two mouse-clicks turns your legacy Access Switchboard (as built by the native Access Switchboard Manager) into a fully functional Ribbon Switchboard.

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