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Name:Alex Dybenko

Location:Moscow, Russia

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My problems with Windows 2003 Server SP1

Well, this was the first time i had to uninstall SP. I was bit busy, but anyway - i think it is something wrong with it. Better to say - something wrong with deployment scenario. What i got after installation of SP1:
  • some new error messages in Events log; ok can live with it
  • internet connection sharing (ICS) stop working. And it settings are gone in Advanced tab. I think this is something with new security policies, but found nothing in KB and at google. Also i found that i was not the only one who got this problem.
  • Vamsoft ORF spam filter stops working. No error messages, nothing, but it does not work. Just all spam now arrives to my mialbox. This is really critical. Have to check Vamsoft website.
Anyway - all above forced me to untinstall it and server starts working again...


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