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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Want to grow a Tree?

Treeview control is a popular solution in Windows and WEB applications, used for navigation or selection. Personally I use a Microsoft Comctl32.ocx or MSComctl.ocx in Windows applications, which works fine in Access and VB. The only problem with this control – is version incompatibility (versions are binary incompatible). If you build your application with older version of control – then it can stop working with newer version. But this issue was mostly in early versions of Comctl32.ocx, and now it solved. Treeview sample shows some techniques using this control in Access.

Some programmers don’t like Microsoft controls, in this case you can look at other solutions – for example offers some.

Other programmers don’t like ActiveX controls, but still there are some solutions for Treeview. For example SmartTree: Native Access Treeview Functionality by Lauren Quantrell – looks quite interesting. There is a sample download of this solution. Other solutions you can find at M&P page.

What about WEB? Now you can find a lot of staff for ASP/ASP.NET. Long ago I used Java Treeview, same you could see at MSDN Library page several years ago. Recently I used one from Obout Inc., and now I mostly use R.A.D. Treeview from Telerik. Well done control with AJAX loading on demand and good client API.


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