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Thursday, November 24, 2005

More rules for naming in Access

As I already wrote – developer could have problems, if he uses non-English characters in object names and VBA code. What else developer should aware? First of all - List of reserved words in Access 2002 and Access 2003 and List of Microsoft Jet 4.0 reserved words, these two always good to have in mind and avoid using reserved words. Also do not forget about Special characters that you must avoid when you work with Access databases.

You can completely avoid using reserved words, if you follow some naming convention. I personally prefer using Reddick VBA Naming Conventions, which actually is recommended in our bible - Access Developer's Handbook, by Litwin Getz, et al. Access MVP Tony Toews published his Table and Field Naming Conventions, which also good to follow.

Another Access MVP Jeff Conrad has a page with all latest links to naming convention articles, which is good to check from time to time.


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