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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Copyright protection in Access

Jeff Conrad posted a collection of links for copyright protection in Access in Microsoft public newsgroups, here bit revised list:

Here are some links/samples that should help with this topic
Look for the downloads:
"Updated have Database Expire After 30 Days Of Use"
"Updated have Database Expire After 30 Days Of First Being Opened."

MVP Tony Toews' thoughts on demos/expiration coding:

Peter De Baets has a product called KeyedAccess that will do this I believe:

Paul Overway has something similar here:
--Go to Add-ins/Extras area and look for "Logico Solutions MDB Lock"

Also try here:

And for copyright protection these may be of help as well:
Google Directory

Also I would add a SageKey Security Package

If you know some good staff to add to this list - please let me know.


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