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Name:Alex Dybenko

Location:Moscow, Russia

Friday, February 17, 2006

Be careful with Kaspersky Anti-Virus!

Yesterday I got a phone call from my client, he told that a new version, I sent recently, does not work and produce a lot of errors. Weird! I changed only a query in last version, and did not even touch VBA code. So I start to ask him what he did before <g>, with his PC, and he told me, that he just installed (or upgraded) Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Yes, this is it! Kaspersky Anti-Virus blocks some VBA code in order to prevent macro viruses run. So this was a source of the problem. Fortunately – there is an option, where you can switch off VBA blocking.

First time I noticed this long ago, in Access 2000 time. I have installed my application on a new PC with Office 2000 – and it did not work. I started to debug, and found that some function simply not working. It took me some time to find out that is was Kaspersky Anti-Virus – I had reregistered VBA libraries, reinstalled Office. I think default behavior should be – than Anti-Virus gives user a message that it blocks VBA, when application starts.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I discovered the same problem when I wanted to used the wizard to create a form.

Where is the option, where you can switch off VBA blocking in the KasperSky Antivirus?

Can any one help?

2:11 AM  
Blogger Alex Dybenko said...

I don't have Kaspersky around (anymore), but if you look carefully at it opions dialog - you certqinly find it

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Free Antivirus Download said...

your client is absolutely right because i already met with this problem. free antivirus download

8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kaspersky is not the best solution if you're to remove malware because its also use a lot of PC resources, if you're looking for some other solution how to solve problems with the malware I can recommend you this great website you can find a lot of useful guide there, and I'm sure you'll find some better solution for you then use Kaspersky anti virus software.

3:03 PM  

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