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Friday, October 22, 2004

[Access] Delete & Update SQL in Jet

Discussion in newsgroups remembered me a old Jet trick. Say you made a join on 2 tables and want to delete records from one. In TSQL you can explicit specify this as:

Delete From Table1
From Table1 inner join Table2

But in jet this will not work. What you have to do - is to specify table you want to delete using DISTINCTROW keyword:

Delete DISTINCTROW Table1.* From Table1 inner join Table2

Good explanation together with links to Microsoft KB is here:

[Access] FindInSQL

Have added FindInSQL to Point Downloads:

I found it quite useful to search for some field or table over SQL database, so probably could be useful for somebody else

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

[Access] How Access loads images

Have learned following from Stephen Lebans:
  • If the file extension is in uppercase (BMP) then the Office Graphicsfilters will be used to load the image.
  • If the file extension is in lowercase (bmp) then Access does not use the Office Graphics filters.

This applies to Bitmap and Enhanced Metafiles. For Bitmaps you want Access to use the Office Graphics filters but for EMF's you do not. Notice the opposite results for the handling of Bitmap for EMFImages.

Uppercase EMF = Office Graphics filter - Poor results for EMF's containing full color bitmaps

Lowercase emf = bypass Office Graphics filters - Normal results

Uppercase BMP = Office Graphics filter - Normal results

Lowercase bmp = bypass Office Graphics filters - Poor results for BMP's containing full color bitmaps

It does not matter the letter case of the Image's file extensionon your hard drive. Access looks at the filename you enter via the GUI or programmatically for the Picture property of the Image control.

Friday, October 15, 2004

[Access] QBuilt reverse engineers MDE

According to Q-Built Solutions they can convert MDE into MDB in case you prove it ownership. I thought it is possible to do so, but did not know that somebody wrote some kind of routine for this

[Access] How to get Russian chars back

Yesterday my colleague have showed me an access 2000 database from his friend with list of Russian poems, but instead of Russian characters it was western replacements (o with two dots above and so on). Well, Access 2000 is Unicode - then how come?? I think his friend either enter this database using non-Unicode staff, or converted from Access 97. So, how to get Russian characters back? Ok, here the way:
  • convert mdb back to Access 97
  • on a PC with default Russian locale open Access 97 version and check that Russian shows
  • on same PC convert it to Access 2000.
Now Russian chars will be correctly stored in Unicode!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

[Access] Have started MVP Academy course

Thanks to Microsoft, as MVP we get an offer to learn something new in MVP Academy. I started ASP.NET course last week. I think i did not imagine how good is e-learning from Microsoft now. They way our instructor (also MVP!) give us lessons quite interesting, i like it. Ok, lets see on resultin a few weeks :-))

[Access] Georgeo tips how to download Webcast

Quite useful thing to get Webcast offline:
Actually one person reported that it does not work for him, but probably there is a workaround also

[Access] Indian competitor

Have learned from person of department of our big client, that he do not use our program almost a year (that is why he kept silence, and we thought that everything works fine), but used an offer from Indian company to build one! Oops... "Because it is cheaper"?

Friday, October 08, 2004

[Cool] Lufthansa offers internet onboard!

See notes from Scoble

Thursday, October 07, 2004

[Access] SQLConvert

Have added SQLConvert utility to Point Downloads:
A small utility converts MS SQL Server fields from/to Unicode and from/to Real/Float

[Access] FTPUpload

Added FTPUpload to Point Downloads:

This utility helps our customers to upload their big files to our FTP server.

[Alfa] Jacky про ...

Это был краткий миг, длящийся не более 10 секунд, но надолго оставивший отпечаток в мозгу. Я где-то читал про такое - называется импринтинг, кажется. Я стоял с утра в толпе на Большом КАменном мостуи она пролетела мне навстречу - красивая, стремительная, приковывающая взгляд. Я подумал: "Почему я ее раньше не замечал?". Ответ был прост - раньше она ездила на автомобиле марке "Фи..", видимо подчеркивающем ее отношение к жизни вобще и к нашей конфе в частности :-). Сейчас она изменилась - это серьезный аппарат зачотного чорного цвета. Это видение приподняло мое настроение настолько, что даже сломашаяся на моей помойке через 2 километра коробка передач не омрачило его - я просто бросил авту и пошел дальше пешком, глупо улыбаясь весеннему солнышку и радуясь тому, как легко у меня на душе.
Это была Даша на своей новой Альфе.
Jacky (AR33)

[Alfa] Йаков о дамах

... Шпильки - зачооот! Особенно с чулками....:)
Йа своей Ольке коврики раз в год меняю в Лянче, ибо она их мне утыкивает до дыр свами шпильками... Коврики = жалеть - ацтой! Шпильки - рулез!:)))) Деуки - полный зачот! Красивые деуки - вааще ураган...!!!Ух как меня колбасит!!!)))

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

[Alex] Newsgroup user responce

"I am sorry to say I never even thought that the DLL may not be properly registered but that was EXACTLY the problem. I really appreciate your help, I had worked so long trying to get the binding to work and working from examples I had found only to keep getting the same error.

Thank you again for your help, it was wonderful.

Paul Reavis"

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

[Alex] Ev leaving his baby

Sad news: founder of this site leaving it
But i think i understand Evan, and hope blogger will stay.

[Alex] YES! MVP 2005

Saturday morning I got this message "Congratulations! You have received the Microsoft MVP Award". Will stay one more year with excellent people from MVP community! Thanks Microsoft, I feel great!

Friday, October 01, 2004

[Access] Access Repair

Thilo Immel at have started Access Repair/Recovery service. He had a conversation with Access MVP Tony Toews regarding other services, he sent them damage databases to test their services, and almost all were fail. Well, looks promising, hope this will be a good replacement for Peter Miller, who suddenly stop this service...

[Access] Consulting—Beyond the Bunny Slippers

Dian Chapman, MVP, asked to help her with new article "Consulting—Beyond the Bunny Slippers"
Here it is:

[Access] Support joke

A friend from Canada sent me this link:

I think it bit also about our business :-))