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Friday, October 28, 2005

Microsoft Access was unable to create an MDE database

Saw this message? Here a list of 15 reasons why this can happen. But certainly one is missed. If you have an ActiveX control on a form, and since you inserted it – control was upgraded to a new version – this could be a reason. I had it several times with Windows Common Controls: Treeview, Listview, etc. So what to do? Made a backup of your MDB, make sure that you have only references you use, and for all controls you use – you have references. If you use Windows Common Controls - make sure you use either comctl32.ocx or mscomctl.ocx, you can use only one in same mdb. Decompile mdb and compile again. If this does not help - start to remove forms with ActiveX controls one-by-one and each time make mde - then you find which one cause the problem. This one you need to recreate it – create a new form, insert an ActiveX control there, using menu Insert, then copy/paste all other controls and copy from old form and then delete it. HTH!

Confirm Record changes Option

Latest Access versions has Confirm Record Changes in menu Tools > Options > Edit/Find. Tooltip says that option used to show confirmation dialog when you change a record. Did you ever see such confirmation dialog?
Thanks to MVP Karl Donaubauer, who made a clear explanation of it:
The name of the option may be a bit misleading. It refers to the messages that you get when you delete one or more records or insert multiple records from the clipboard into a table, query or form. "Do you really want to...delete/insert..." etc. If the box is unchecked there are no such messages instead the actions are executed silently.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Access 2000 compatibility issues

There are some clients, who still using Access 2000. I can't say this is a good choice, but can't blame they either - if program works - why should they upgrade it? Developer can easy work on Access XP or 2003 to build a application for Access 2000, this is what I am also doing, but have to be aware that MDB, built on later Access version is not 100% compatible with Access 2000. Actually Object model enhancements cause this, for example OpenArgs argument in Docmd.OpenReport and AddItem/Remove for Listbox. Further more - you can compile MDE file for Access 2000 only on Access 2000. This is one more reason to have All kinds on Access version installed. BTW, I have installed all versions since Access 2.0 on my notebook, still have one client using "GOODS" on Access 2.0, and it works!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Access MDE to MDB Conversion Service

iTech Masters, specializing in Access database recovery,  now offers a reverse engineering service, which brings MDE to MDB completely, with all variables and procedure names (except comments). I just made a test MDE file, sent it to iTech Masters and got source code back in few minutes!
Access developers should not so much worry about it, as once you ask to convert MDE to MDB – you will be asked for a proof that you legally own source code. Furthermore company planning to develop a MDE protector to remove all variable names and perhaps code-obfuscation.
iTech Masters recommends Access developers to put copyright and contact information in VBA constants, and copy it to several places in your database, so this can proof database ownerships if required.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Want to use VBA UserForms in Access?

Access forms works fine form most of the cases, but could happen that you need a VBA form in your project, say you have already designed one for Excel application, and want to use the same in Access. Garry Robinson published a nice trick - A Different Type Of Access Form - The UserForm

Thursday, October 13, 2005

One more blog on Office 12

Jensen Harris blogging about new Office 12 user interface: An Office User Interface Blog

Video Capture control

Freeware OCX for video capture under Win32 by Ray Mercer. Allows easy access to most Video For Windows functions built into Win32. Just drop this OCX on a form and you have an instant capture window with full control over any VFW hardware device installed in your system. Works in Access!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Confusing SQL Server trigger behavior

I have build a trigger for SQL Server table, where I count a number of records updated and deleted, then I open different kinds of cursors and do some data modifications. And once I found that this trigger run, even if you execute a DELETE statement, which deletes nothing, say:
Delete From Table1 Where ID=0, where there are no records with ID=0.
In this case both tables Inserted and Deleted have no records, but trigger still runs! Why?
Well, maybe it is only confusing to me…

Monday, October 10, 2005

Indexes usage in Jet and SQL Server

While working on a Access/SQL Server project I was faced with a difference in indexes behavior in Jet and SQL Server table. Say you have Order and OrderDetails tables. Each table has a surrogate primary key with autonumber or identity. You have a relationship between these tables. Now you make a query, join both table and run it. Jet uses a hidden index from relation in OrderDetails, but SQL Server – no and SQL Server query works much slower! So you have to add a new index for many side field of relation.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

See you, guys!

I looked at MVP private newsgroups this morning and got mixed feelings. Lot of our MVPs were re-awarded, but some not, and this is sad to know. I did not have a chance to say them goodbye yesterday, while they able to read newsgroups, perhaps I can do here.
Olaf, Klaus, Joe, John, Sco - best wishes to you, don’t say goodbye, see you!

Just received the Microsoft MVP Award!

This morning I got email "Congratulations and Welcome to the Microsoft® MVP Program". It is a perfect opportunity to stay connected with Microsoft and other MVPs. Thanks Microsoft, I feel great!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A new blog of Access Product Team

Erik Rucker, Group Program Manager for Microsoft Access, just started a new blog A discussion of what's new in Access 12. Wow, it was a long-awaited blog for Access developers!
Great news from the first post - Access 12 will include a new "Jet" database engine, which is owned by Access team, so it can be easily improved and fixed if necessary.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Access MVP team at Summit 2005. Full version

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Office 12 will support PDF

Exciting news - Steven Sinofsky, senior vice president in charge of Microsoft Office, just announced to Office MVPs at MVP Summit, that Office 12 will support PDF. For example In Access you can open a report, choose publish, select PDF format and that is.